Our philosophy & principles

1. SerBoro© has exclusive right for a translated text before the Customer’s paying.  

2. The Customer obtains exclusive right after the paying.

3. The Customer is exclusive owner of his source untranslated text.

4.  Fragments of the translated texts can be used as samples in SerBoro©'s Portfolio according to the Customer’s permission only.

5. The paying is provided according to agreement between the Customer and SerBoro©.   

6. Please, send your requirements about the translation and source text to SerBoro© via email:


7. Data for the paying and requisites are sent by SerBoro© to the Customer’s email.


8. SerBoro© translates different texts including difficult ones. The content must not disrupt actual law of the Russian Federation or the Customer’s country.   

Done translation having previously affirmed format is sent to the Customer via e-mail or delivered personally if the Customer resides in city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. According to the Customer's requirement the translated text can be sent through the post.